1. instruction, training, understanding. Coaching, education imply progress and a control in the form of study and understanding. Knowledge will be the advancement of the skills of your brain (understanding how to learn): a generous education. Instruction is sensible education (understanding how to do) or exercise, frequently under direction, in certain art, deal, or career: training in art, instructor training. 4. [..]


1. instruction, schooling, understanding. Education, training suggest a self-control and development through understanding and research. Schooling is the improvement of the talents of your head (learning to know): a liberal education. Coaching is sensible education (learning to do) or practice, often under direction, in some art, deal, or profession: training in art, trainer training. 4. Expertise, learning, enlightenment. [..]


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At the stairs’ brain, nonetheless, she met Hepzibah, who, it being early, invited her right into a space which she’d possibly have termed her bedroom, had her training embraced any phrase that was French that was such. [..]

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